Reviews for (Farmingdale Gentleman’s Club #1) A Game of Chances

A Game of Chances has been reviewed by:

The lovely Bobby at Book Wenches! (Review dated 03/06/10, so there may be some scrolling needed to reach the appropriate listing. πŸ˜€ )

Carole, at Rainbow Reviews (equally lovely! :D)

Sandra, of Night Owl Reviews had some thoughts, too.

Hayley of Fallen Angel Reviews liked it.

Mystical Nymph had this to say about it, over at Literary Nymphs!

Nanette at Joyfully Reviewed has an opinion, too.

Jenre had this to say at her blog, Well Read Jenre, and said the same at Jessewave’s Site (the second assigns stars, while the first has a poor-okay-good-very good-excellent structure).

Aaaaand… fellow author, Crissy Smith, has also reviewed it on her blog, HERE. The review is the third one down. (In the interests of full disclosure, Crissy Smith also writes for Total-E-Bound, which is my publisher for the FGC series. That said, I don’t actually know her, we’ve never spoken, and as far as I know, she purchased “A Game of Chances” rather than receiving it gratis. She seems to have very good taste, though. *hee*)


2 thoughts on “Reviews for (Farmingdale Gentleman’s Club #1) A Game of Chances

  1. I received my signed copy in the mail today, and since I got it gratis, won’t be able to review it, but I will let YOU know what I think! πŸ™‚

    It’s on the very tippy top of my TBR pile right now!

    • Oh, good! So glad it made it there! *hee*

      I hope you’ll be brutally honest with me, by the way. You know I can take it. πŸ˜›

      See you soon, I hope. *grins*


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