Matchmen, Ltd.

Many men pass through the doors of Matchmen, LTD, Los Angeles’ premier gay matchmaking service. Trevor Hart and his staff have made more than one great match. Unfortunately, Trevor hasn’t been able to create a match for himself, and when his ex, AJ Robins, the man who tore his heart out years earlier, comes to Trevor for help, things get complicated.

With a cast of characters including Trevor and his not-so-ex, AJ, Melody Michaels, Trevor’s happily involved receptionist (aka Melvin Michael Mumerford) and a not at all closeted rock star, and Adam, another ex-lover of AJ’s, complicated doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Between heat and attraction, difficult pasts and questions of trust, can Trevor and his crew manage to find a way past their difficulties and discover the love they all deserve?

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Black of Night

Someone is killing redheads in Madison, California, and Matthew Blake wants to know who. As a vampire, he’s not supposed to get involved with human problems, but his customers at the diner where he works are upset, and when he uses his ability to access one of them, he suspects it isn’t something natural that’s hunting in his town.

Rory Coltraine steps in to manage the diner when his uncle’s illness draws him back to Madison. He feels an immediate attraction to the abrupt, borderline rude night cook. But wolves don’t mix with humans, or not sexually, anyway. That doesn’t mean he can’t make an exception.

But Matthew’s not human, and neither is Rory, and the redheads who are dying are Rory’s Clan. When they do finally give in to their mutual attraction, it changes things for both of them.

Between trying to hunt a hunter, dealing with vampires, and the burdens of their places in the world on top of it, can two very different men find time for love? Of course they can.

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Making It Up

When Dr. Thomas Paulson receives a cryptic phone message from his very first boyfriend’s mother after ten years, he leaps to the conclusion that JJ–Johnny Boudreaux– is dead. His current lover, Alan, makes the same assumption. So imagine Thomas’s surprise when returns to his home town to grieve and discovers that not only is JJ alive and well, but is getting ready to marry Thomas’s old girlfriend.

Life can be funny sometimes, and in the course of Thomas’s visit he discovers a lot of things that force him to examine his own actions, past and in the present. He’s made mistakes, but so has Alan who has flown to Oak Grove, Arkansas to try to help his lover and best friend. But Alan’s interference makes things even worse, leading Thomas to believe that he’s blown every chance at happiness he ever had.


Caspari Roccaro is many things — human sorcerer, husband, father, and patron to his mistresses. He’s also more fond than he should be of his hired lover, the golden-skinned, pampered pet Victore with his kindness and dubious origins, and oh, yes. His tail.

Victore knows himself for what he is: a whore. That he plies his trade in the best demon brothel in all of Rome changes nothing. Yet it is how he met Caspari and as such, he is content. A faction within the Holy Church has set covetous eyes on Caspari, seeking to use Caspari’s talents for their own ends. When Ashalam, winged and bound to do the bidding of his earthly masters, finds himself questioning that plan, all bets are off.

Can a human sorcerer, a demon, and an angel of sorts find their way through the pitfalls offered by the Renaissance? Will their determination prove to be enough?

Win & Lose

When Luzien Bascombe finds himself lost in the middle of more snow than he’s ever seen in his life, he starts to expect things he’d rather not. Like death. What he doesn’t expect is to find someone like Win out there in the middle of nowhere, and he really doesn’t expect to find himself falling for Win so quickly.

Winston St. James doesn’t know what to make of the young man he finds on his doorstep; not even when Luz makes it clear that he wouldn’t mind a bit of fun in Win’s bed. He does know that Luz has a life to get back to, though, which becomes harder and harder to accept. The world is never perfect, so when Luz has to go, he tries to make the best of things. Will Luz and Win get past their old hurts and take a chance on each other, Win or Lose?


6 thoughts on “STAND ALONES

    • Hi, Amie, and thanks for asking.

      I do have a sequel in the works, actually. It’s not quite finished yet, but I expect it will be, soon. And yes, it’s Ben’s story. *hee*

      I hope to have it finished within the next month or so, an with any luck it’ll be out by mid 2010, at the latest.

      Hopefully, people will like it.


  1. I really like your writing and love your characters – I’m not sure if I have a favorite. I just recently discovered your books at Torquere and I have now all that are published there and that I loved to read them… I’m glad that I’ll have the chance to read about Ben but I hope that you have in mind to read a book about Alan from Making it Up too …sorry yhat i write here about another book, but well…hope that’s ok.

    • I’m incredibly pleased that you’ve enjoyed my stories. Hearing that makes me feel all squishy and stuff. 🙂

      As for Alan, well… I’m toying with the idea of letting him run free with his own book, but at the moment he’s making a cameo appearance in the third story of the Conventional series (I can’t say how big his part will actually be as I’m still in the process of writing the book, but he’s definitely in there!). LOL

      Of course, with as much as I write sequels, I’d be VERY surprised if Alan DOESN’T demand his own book. He so enjoys being the centre of attention. *hee*

      Thanks so much for your comments!


    • Oh, Alan will definitely have his own story, and possibly soonish. *grins* He does like popping in and out of other books, though, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he shows up in something I might possibly be working on right now (as a secondary character again, but don’t tell him that — he’s the star of every story, if you listen to him! Haha!). *whistles quietly*

      I actually think I know who he’s going to end up with, too, but I’m not going to say anything more about that because I could be wrong! That boy has a mind of his own. 😛

      Thanks for stopping by, and for commenting!


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