SHORT FICTION (including the Destiny series)


A Change of Plans

Nicky has no trouble with change; when he has to, he can make it happen. Yet his efforts to change his friendship with his roommate fall flat, and things get ugly when Nicky gets a dose of how much Brad doesn’t want him. Brad sees the whole fiasco in a different light, a spotlight that keeps shining on Nicky in spite of all Brad’s efforts to pull the plug. Though their lives are poised to go in opposite directions, their hearts keep negotiating for a change of plans, trying to keep them together when time for love is running out.

The Destiny Stories

#1 — Destiny Drops In

Andrew’s lost when he walks into the Dew Drop Inn. Raj isn’t lost at all, and when he sees Andrew, he knows exactly what he wants. He hopes that he can convince Andrew to give him a chance, and he’s willing to take the man home and show Andrew how good it can be between them. Will Andrew understand that destiny has dropped into his life?

#2 — Destiny Goes Spare

Andrew and Raj have had a beautiful relationship since the night they met by chance and knew they were meant to be together. To celebrate Raj’s twenty-first birthday, Andrew throws him a magnificent party and invites everyone on Raj’s email contact list. Raj is thrilled, and so is Andrew, until a pair of unexpected — but very much invited — guests arrive. In one fell swoop, everything goes to pieces. Raj and Andrew are sleeping apart for the first time since they met. Are they really going to end it, or does destiny have something even better in store?

#3 — Destiny Takes A Holiday

It’s long past time for Andrew to take a holiday, so when the law firm pressures him to take a break, Raj is ecstatic. He’s even happier to be going to a clothing-optional paradise with his lover. Andrew, on the other hand, isn’t quite sure about going bare. Raj is determined to give Andrew a holiday experience that will carry them through going home and back to the old grind — and Raj never lets his man down.


2 thoughts on “SHORT FICTION (including the Destiny series)

  1. Just got done reading “Destiny Drops In” and I loved it. The instant attraction on both parts was so hot I had to turn a fan on myself. The playfulness, the affectionate nature of their banter. The love scene all were stunning. I cant wait to read more about this truly likeable pair. Thanks for a good time reading! Johanna

    • Glad you liked it, and thanks for saying so! 🙂

      Raj and Andrew are near and dear to my heart, and though they haven’t been talking to me recently, I’m sure they’ll eventually pipe up to tell me what happened after their ‘Holiday’. lol

      Thanks again!


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