The Irregular Regular 4

The new chapter is, as usual, derived from prompt words offered Demeber 24 on the TQ LJ.

This story seems to be turning into a saga, as I may have said before. When and if it’s finished, I plan to offer it as a free download, with a dedication to everyone who has contributed prompt words.

This story would not exist without those offered words which shape it every time.

* * *

The Irregular Regular Part 4

Dan wasn’t entirely sure about what to make of Berg’s past. He’d really thought he’d somehow managed to be attracted to a good guy and yet… well, Berg was one of those but he’d apparently been a bad boy, too. Of the even-badder-than-usual variety. Not that Dan had anything against porn because… porn! God knew he’d watched enough of it himself, and it had always seemed fairly harmless, so that wasn’t it.

No, Dan was pretty sure it was the rest of it that was bothering him. The part where Berg’s former boss seemed to think Berg was a possession or a slave or something. The part where that same boss could possibly be watching them and might want to hurt Berg again, or Dan as well.

“So he’s the one that beat you up,” Dan said softly, trying to look comfortable in the lumpy chair across from the couch in Berg’s tiny apartment above the mystical, new age shop Berg worked in. “I guess I don’t get why. I mean, you left and you don’t want to do that anymore, right? Aren’t there other guys who work for him? Why does it have to be you? I’m not saying you aren’t one hell of a hot hunk, but why you?”

Berg sighed. Shrugged and looked away from him. “I may not have been entirely clear, I guess. Carl’s business is more… diverse than just live streaming video.” He frowned, his voice sounding both grumpy and angst-ridden when he spoke on. “He does these… auctions, I guess you’d call them. The customers can bid on parts in some of the productions. Even groups of customers. I… well, I usually topped in the regular shows, except the first one. I guess some of Carl’s subscribers liked tying me down and making me take it.” He swallowed hard.

Dan could feel himself frowning, though it wasn’t a usual expression for him. He tended more toward smiles or at least quirky grins. Still, he was frowning, but he couldn’t really help it. “Okay. So let me see if I understand this. You don’t like getting fucked. So random guys paid your boss for the right to fuck you against your will. On camera. And your boss sold the live views to people who knew you were basically being raped and they got off on it. Jesus. He’s a pimp!”

“And that makes me a whore.” Berg barely whispered the words but Dan heard them. “I can’t even pretend to be anything else. Shit. Even when I got off the junk and ran away, I always knew he might find me. I just didn’t think… I didn’t plan on meeting anyone I could care about, and once I did, I didn’t even think about what could happen if Carl found them, too. But now…”

Dan blinked. “You didn’t blow me off because you have a black eye,” he said, suddenly understanding. “You were trying to protect me?” It was sweet, really. And Berg had pretty much just said he cared. About Dan. Which shouldn’t have had Dan feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, but damned if it didn’t.

“What exactly do you think this Carl person is going to do, Berg?” Dan murmured as he slid from his chair to join Berg on the couch. He shifted closer, thigh right up against Berg’s. “I’m not stupid or anything. I’m aware that things aren’t all sunshine and light all the time. But I really want to know what you think he could do. Because I’m pretty sure he can’t make me do anything I don’t want to. He could try, but I have a telephone and I know how to dial the cops.” Not to mention, he knew how to beat the merry crap out of anyone who tried to fuck with him, but that was a story for another day. Dan smiled.

Berg sighed again, but Dan was pleased to notice the man leaned against him just a bit harder. He was even more pleased when those dark gray eyes looked up from the floor to meet his own blue gaze. “Carl has ways of getting what he wants,” Berg finally said. “Most of them aren’t even remotely legal, either.”

Dan snorted. “Not to malign the ‘fine man’ I’m sure this Carl person is, but I have no doubt about that. Jesus, anyone who’d beat you up because you don’t want to work for them anymore deserves to be… I don’t know what.”

“The point, Dan,” Berg said then, eyes still holding Dan’s, “is that I guess I’m not who you thought I was. And I want you. Fuck knows I want you, okay? But you need to know what you might be getting into. You… fuck. You need to know what kind of a guy I am and now you do. I’m dirty. Damaged. And you can do better.”

Okay. That was almost enough to make Dan angry. Because Berg wasn’t either of those things. “You’re not dirty. You had sex. If that’s the definition of dirty, then I’m filthy too. I don’t know about being damaged because you haven’t said how Carl got you to work for him, but I’m guessing whatever it was is how you know that jerk has ‘ways of getting what he wants.’ But you’re…”

Dan tried to smile but wasn’t sure he managed it. “You’re nice, Berg. And you’re all I’ve been able to think about. Even with knowing your old boss sold you, I… and porn stars are really fashionable these days. So if all this is because you don’t really want me anymore, just say so. But if you do still want to be… an us, then I refuse to let that grotesque excuse for a human being get in the way. You hear me?”

He was breathing hard, not because he’d been particularly loud, but because he wasn’t used to being so forthright; so bold. Dan figured he hadn’t had much of a choice, though. He’d had to speak up, unless he wanted Berg to walk away, which he for damned sure didn’t.

Luckily, Berg seemed okay with that because those pink lips twitched just a little before curving slowly into a smile. “I hear you,” Berg answered, his eyes narrowing just a bit. “That couldn’t have been easy, just coming out with it, so I guess I have to accept that you mean it…?”

“I. Yeah. I do. I. Sorry. I didn’t mean you have to do what I say or anything. Just that I really, really want to still see you and I know you’re all freaked out about your old boss and stuff and I get it. I do. But I doubt he’d ever do anything to me and he can’t make you go work for him again so I really want to just forget about that, okay?” This time, it was the sheer volume of words he’d spilled on one breath that had Dan sucking in huge gulps of air.

“Okay,” Berg said, nodding sharply. “But if you change your mind, I’ll get it. Right now, though, I think I’m going to kiss you again, Dan. It’s been a week and I can’t forget your mouth.”

Well, he was right there with Berg. But this time, Dan promised himself as Berg leaned closer, those soft lips closing over his own… this time, he was going to see whether they could maybe not stop with just a kiss.

* * *

Bergen wasn’t entirely sure of when they’d gotten naked. He wasn’t even sure of how they’d made it to the bed, though there seemed a good case for teleportation. He just knew that one minute they’d been on the couch, kissing roughly but fully clothed, and the next thing he’d known, it was the naked Dan-and-Berg show, complete with tangled sheets. Not that he minded, to be honest. Hell, if anything, he was thrilled.

Shocked that Dan seemed to have taken Bergen’s tawdry past in stride and amazed that the very real possibility of Carl Black showing up again didn’t seem to worry Dan, but thrilled. He was even more thrilled about the way Dan’s skin felt against his own, though.

“God, your skin is soft,” Bergen murmured, licking a slow line up Dan’s ribs then detouring to one tight little nipple. “You taste like… fuck if I know what, but I like it, Dan.”

“Uh. Uh-huh,” Dan sounded breathless and that was good. “Feels good, Berg. Oh.” He arched against the mattress, body bowing just right that Berg knew his hand on Dan’s cock was welcome. “F-fuck…”

“Soon,” Bergen murmured, abandoning Dan’s nipple and rising, his mouth closing over Dan’s again, tongue pushing inside to tangle wetly with Dan’s. “I’ll fuck you soon, okay?” Because he had to ask. He’d assumed Dan understood what Berg had meant when he’d said he didn’t like to bottom, and while it wasn’t entirely out of the question some day, if Dan really wanted to? It wasn’t going to happen then or even anytime soon. Not after what Carl had done a week earlier.

“God, yes,” Dan moaned, muscular thighs falling even more open on Bergen’s bed. “Please, Berg. Please. Want you.” His head rose, lips brushing Bergen’s again and Berg took the offering, losing himself in the slip and slide once more.

The new sheets helped eliminate the memory of Carl, as did the fact that Dan was nothing like the man. Dan was sweet and anxious, wanton and unafraid to show it. Dan was… just right, Bergen thought blearily. Just right and just as ready as Bergen was himself.

“Lube,” Bergen muttered, pulling away from Dan’s hot, wet mouth again, one hand tangled in Dan’s light blond hair while the other slid back and forth between Dan’s legs, fingertips ghosting small touches to sac and skin, hole and crease. “I need to find the lube, Dan.”

“Uh-huh. Lube would be good,” Dan agreed, body rocking, seeking more touch. “Whenever… oh, God. Whenever you’re ready, Berg. I… God, want you. Please!”

It was that last word, so needy and heated, that had Bergen pulling away to rifle through the drawer in his small, rickety nightstand. “Lube,” he announced in a small, victorious tone as he tossed the battered, half-empty tube onto the bed. He rummaged a bit more, finally pulling a short string of condoms from the drawer’s depths. He’d been sure he had some, though he hadn’t had much need lately. There’d been a small moment when he’d worried that Carl had used them all, but the wrappers Carl had left behind had been a different brand.

“There,” Bergen grunted as he shifted back to Dan’s side, rubbers in hand. “I… with my history, we need to be safe, okay?”

“Good. Fine. Safe is good. Please, Berg, please!” God, Dan was so fucking hot like that. Desperate and borderline demanding. And fuck if Bergen wasn’t going to give the man what he was asking for.

The lube opened, far more easily than the condom did. Damned wrapper took what felt like forever. Then Dan’s hand was on Bergen, rolling the thin layer of latex over Berg’s turgid length and it was almost too good, damn it.

His fingers slick with cool gel, Berg pressed one slowly to Dan’s hole, the sharp rock of Dan’s hips and the nearly whined “Please, Berg!” pulling a laugh from Bergen’s lips.

“I’ll never tell you no, baby,” Bergen murmured, “especially when you beg so pretty for me.” His finger pushed fully inside Dan’s tight body with the words, and Berg’s eyes closed for just a moment while Dan’s hips shifted, tried to pull his digit even deeper. Another finger followed, twisting and stretching enough for a third and Bergen didn’t know how long it took but he didn’t much care. However long it was, was too long.

Dan seemed to agree, thank God, because when Berg pulled his fingers from that grasping sheath, when Bergen positioned himself, one of Dan’s legs on Berg’s shoulder, Dan didn’t object. He didn’t say anything, unless the stuttered “n-n-nnn… n-nngggh…” he released when Bergen pushed inside him, heavy cock opening that hole more than his fingers ever could have done, counted as words.

Berg didn’t have words, either. None that made it past his lips. “God” and “tight” and “fucking awesome” echoed in his head but none of them slipped out. He didn’t have that much spare focus, everything within him was so caught up in Dan, so hot around him, skin streaked pale gold and silver in the moonlight coming through the window.

Time stood still and stretched, in turn, as Bergen moved, slowly at first, and with care. Dan was so fucking right. So good. Way too good for him, but if Dan didn’t mind, then Bergen refused to worry about it. They were good together, so far; maybe great, but it would take some time to know that for sure.

A low, whimpering whine spilled into the air, slicing through the loud, gasping breaths and Berg met Dan’s eyes. Nodded and bit his lip as he started to move faster, drove deep, thrust himself to flush, again and again, and Dan’s keening grew louder.

“Do it, baby,” Bergen managed to groan and Dan rocked a bit more, one hand leaving Berg’s skin. Those fingers wrapped around Dan’s prick, the man stroking himself in time with Bergen’s strong thrusts, and when Bergen grunted “Come, Danny. Come for me,” Dan did.

Hot, slick fluids spilled between them, Dan’s body clenching almost painfully tight around Bergen’s pistoning dick, but it was the scent — something rich and bitter and sweet all at once, that still smelled just like Dan in a way — that had Berg clenching his jaw, body slamming hard into Dan once, twice, three more times as the tension in his gut, in his tight balls, pushed from him to fill the rubber he wore.

“Fuck,” Bergen murmured a short while later, when Dan’s legs were wrapped around him still, Dan’s arms tight about his shoulders. “Fuck, that was good, Dan. Jesus.”

Dan laughed, lips soft against Bergen’s neck. “I bet we could get all the way to ‘great’ if we practiced some more,” he said. “Um. Not that I think we need to practice because that’s not what I meant. That was amazing, Berg, I mean it. I just really want to do that more. Like, again and again, but you know, not right this second or anything, but soon. I mean, maybe in a little while, if you want, and I’ll even. I mean, I could, you know, do you if you wanted but that’s really not my thing, but I could. For you. I mean, I guess I should have said that before, but…”

Berg stopped the flood of words with his lips, swallowing them and returning them broken, as moans and sighs. “I’m fine with just being inside you, baby. I… well, like I said. I’m not really into getting fucked, so I don’t think that’s likely to be an issue. For now, though…” He pulled himself carefully from Dan’s body, cock still half hard but flagging fast. “I think we could use a shower. And a nap.”

“I. Am I staying?” Dan looked surprised, but so hopeful that Bergen couldn’t bring himself to tease.

“I’d like you to stay,” Berg answered as Dan’s arms and legs released him fully. “I’m not entirely sure of where this whole thing is going, but I’d really like you to stay.”

He would take Dan’s speed in joining him in the shower as a yes, Bergen decided. Well, Dan’s speed and the way the man’s prick was already firming up again. Both were pretty good signs that Dan wanted to be there. Of course, so was waking up the next morning with Dan wrapped around him, though Dan was awake. Awake and staring out the window, it seemed.

“Mmmf. Morning,” Bergen grumbled, his voice sleep-rough and raspy. “What are you doing?”

Dan smiled. “Watching the clouds outside and trying not to wake you up. I… I like being like this. Um. Warm and comfortable and stuff.” He blushed and Bergen laughed quietly.

“I think I like it too,” he said, turning to see the clouds Dan had been looking at. “Hey, there’s one that looks like a wedge of cheese.”

“And see that one?” Dan raised his arm to point. “It’s like two penguins. Twins. Well, sort of. If they’re joined at the butt.”

Oh, man. Berg could totally get used to this. Hot, frantic nights and lazy, warm mornings. Dan’s skin against his own, prick hot and full against Bergen’s side while his own… oh, that was hot and full, too, but it could wait for a minute. Maybe longer, depending on what Dan’s plans were for the day.

“What time do you need to get to work?” Bergen murmured, one hand moving slowly up and down Dan’s side. “Tell me we have an hour, at least.”

Dan moaned softly and leaned harder against Bergen’s side, the man’s prick like a brand against his skin. “I’m not in until six tonight,” he answered, his cheek on Berg’s shoulder, tongue slipping out to swipe Berg’s skin. “I was supposed to print my Grandmother’s eggnog recipe off for Ryan, but that can wait. It’s still ages and ages ’til Christmas.”

“Good,” Bergen said with a smile as he dragged Dan up, those pretty lips just an inch or so away. There was still the Carl situation to worry about, granted. Bergen didn’t think the jackhole was going to give up so easily, and especially not if he found out about Dan. But that was something to deal with later. Right then, all Bergen could do was say it again. “Very, very good, baby.”

And it was.

* * *

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