Once again, a prompt story, though I think it came out rather well. Enjoy!
Momentary freak-out aside—because the man at the end of the dock really did remind Jasper of his former, unlamented, enormous bastard of an ex—Jasper couldn’t deny that he had a type. A physical type, yes, and the man he was looking at definitely fit it.

Not too tall, but not short, either. Dark hair, worn long. Past the guy’s shoulders, most likely, when the wind off the lake wasn’t blowing it around. Tanned skin that looked soft, even from a distance. Long, lean lines to his legs, his naked back. Nicely rounded rear, held so nicely in faded, nearly white denim.

Clad only in cutoff jeans shorts and flip flops, the man didn’t even seem to know that he was on display, and Jasper liked that. Thought maybe it meant the man wasn’t conceited… or alternately, so self-conscious that everything was an attempt to hide.

Of course, knowing his luck, Jasper figured there was somewhere between little and no chance that the man he was watching would be interested in men. Or if he was, that he’d be interested in Jasper.

He wasn’t hideous or anything; Jasper knew that much. In fact, he’d been told many a time that he had a unique but appealing look to him. Jasper figured it was mostly due to his largely Scandinavian heritage, with just a touch of Italian and Polynesian thrown in.

So it wasn’t his looks that put people off. It was his mouth. More specifically “I can’t fucking stand the way you talk, Jas! Jesus Christ, nobody else reads the fucking dictionary and I’m sick of not knowing what the fuck you’re saying, asshole! I’m out of here!” Yes. Specifically that, as Baxter—the unlamented ex—had shouted on his way out the door for the final time.

“I should have followed him,” Jasper muttered, as he usually did when Bax’s remembered words surfaced in his mind. “I should have chased him out into the street and knocked him on his fundament. It’s no less than he deserved.”

A laugh greeted his words and Jasper blinked, then blinked again. Well, well. The man on the dock was no longer there. Obviously, because he was standing in front of Jasper and grinning brightly, teeth white in his tanned face, greenish-gold eyes sparkling above sharp cheekbones.

“Man,” the guy said, still chuckling a little, “that sounds like some kind of ire you’ve got going on. And from the looks of you, that’d be one bruised up fundament. Probably a good thing you didn’t follow through.”

It wasn’t the man’s wink that had Jasper uttering a breathless bark of laughter, but the fact that he seemed to know what Jasper had meant. “I… I suppose so. Possibly. Beautiful day,” he added, suddenly at a loss because the man’s eyes were raking over Jasper, down and then up, and those odd but glorious eyes were still smiling.

“Yeah, you too,” the man said, then laughed again. “I mean yeah. It is. More now, though. William Dean. You?”

Jasper stared at the long-fingered hand that William had extended, then finally managed to move, to take it in his own. “Jasper. Jasper Kincaid. I… don’t think I’ve seen you here before.” In fact, Jasper was certain of it. Most of those who lived full time at the lake were known to each other, by sight if nothing else.

William grinned, still bright and just as sunny as the slowly fading day. “I’m pretty sure you’d remember if you had, man. I’m kind of funny looking.” He squeezed Jasper’s hand and it was only then that Jasper realized they hadn’t ended their handshake. William didn’t seem to be in any hurry, though, which was fine with him.

What wasn’t fine, though, was William’s somewhat disparaging remark about himself. “I’m afraid I have to disagree, William,” Jasper said sternly. “Because while I would definitely remember seeing you before, it would in fact be because you’re rather… stunning. And you have lovely eyes.”

A slow blink answered his words, and then William was laughing yet again. “God, Jasper. I’ve heard all sorts of comments about my weird-ass eyes, but ‘lovely’? Not even once. You sure you don’t need to clean your glasses or something? I have some soap back at my place. Oh, my place. I bet you know my Grams. Olivia Bennett?”

Well, yes. Yes, he did. “Of course. She’s a wonderful lady.” Jasper nodded. “However, pursuant to your earlier contention regarding your eyes, I hold by my statement. They’re unusual, yes. But very appealing.” Even more so when they were crinkled at the corners like that, though Jasper wasn’t about to say so.

“So are yours,” William murmured, leaning just a little bit closer, his hand still wrapped around Jasper’s. “Your glasses make them look really big, man. Giant and blue, sort of incandescent in this light.”

Jasper froze under that green-tinged golden gaze, his heart thundering away in his chest as William’s breath brushed his lips. “I…” he started, but his voice faded when no more words made their way to his lips.

“Regular motormouth, aren’t you?” William chuckled, but there was nothing in it of malice. “That’s fine, though. I figure we can talk later.”

“L-later?” Jasper barely breathed the word, but William moaned softly, brushed his lips carefully over Jasper’s own.

“Later,” William repeated, his mouth still touching Jasper’s. “After we go see my Grams so you can say hi. She’ll probably want to feed us tea and some of that walnut cake she makes. I’m hoping you’ll want to give me the grand tour of your place, too, but as long as you’re willing to show me the bedroom, I’m pretty sure I can figure out the rest of it.”

Jasper was caught between stinging William with a verbal lash for thinking he was so easy… and thanking the man for the offer. He ended up doing neither, though, because William clearly took his silence for assent and pressed closer. Kissed him.

No mere brush of lips, it was a true kiss that started slow and soft but grew stronger, harder. And by the time William pulled away, Jasper wasn’t even slightly inclined to argue.

“I… well. Perhaps we should go visit with your Grandmother now.” Quickly. “Assuming you’re certain about this… proposed plan, of course.”

William’s smile was smug. Happy. As though the man was entirely pleased with himself. “Seriously, Jasper?” he said, finally letting their hands separate only to grab hold of Jasper’s shoulder and wrap an arm around him, “Grams has been telling me about you for months, but I figured she was biased. Then I saw you watching me, and… God. When you started talking, you could have knocked me over with a feather.”

Jasper frowned slightly, but that didn’t stop him from letting William steer him along the grass towards Mrs. Bennett’s house by the lake. “I’m afraid I don’t…”

And William was laughing again, just like that. “Don’t go getting all reticent on me now, man. I’m thinking Grams figured out my type and decided you were it. She was right, too. Strong and solid, not a delicate thing about you. And a brain. I mean a brain that actually functions in more ways than just breathing and grunting.”

Jasper couldn’t help laughing, as well. “I suppose that when you put it that way, I’m flattered?” And still slightly freaked out, but no more so than he could handle.

“Oh, I’m not saying you won’t be reduced to just grunts and mouth-breathing later,” William said with a smirk. “Especially once you find out how tight I am. It’s been over a year for me. Man, I am so gonna love your cock! I can already tell.”

Well. That was… Interesting wasn’t a strong enough word. Fantastic came close, Jasper decided. “And how long are you planning to visit with your Grandmother, William?”

William tossed Jasper another sly grin. “A couple of months, at least. Though I’m thinking I might take her up on the offer to stay here for good. She’s a little bit nervous about living alone way out here, at her age.”

“Indeed,” Jasper murmured, mind already racing with the possibilities. “Perhaps that might be wise.”

What had promised to be an undoubtedly lonely and boring summer was suddenly looking up. For both of them, unless Jasper was misinterpreting the way William was looking at him, which… he was reasonably sure he wasn’t.


2 thoughts on “Lakeside

  1. LOL! I love them both – I’m an unrepentant word geek myself; sometimes I like using a really specific word because it fits, sometimes I just like the way it sounds. Most entertaining – and very clever use of your words!

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