As I mentioned in my latest blog post, there has been a lot of upheaval in the small press publishing world.

The result of this is that most of my books aren’t available right now. There are, however, in the process of being re-edited, re-formatted, getting new covers, and in some cases, being added to!

I will update the blog as each book becomes available.

For the moment, please see my welcome page for info on the stories that ARE currently available!

Thanks for bearing with me!



21 thoughts on “COMING SOON(ish)

  1. How do you write so god-damned fast, girl?! I’m flat out putting one book out a year, much less four or five like you do. *shakes head* Still, looking forward to the new releases!

    • To be fair, aside from the lime green, everything else was written last year.

      It’s not cheating when you don’t pick release dates for yourself, right? 😛

      Hope you like them when you get them, Meg! *hugs*


  2. Thanks. 🙂 Though to be fair, this page is here because you suggested it, so *I* should be thanking *you*! (And I am. LOL)

    Time flies, apparently, because all of a sudden, August seems like it’s just around the corner. *hee* Hope you’ll enjoy the conclusion to Trent and Lucas’ story!


  3. I love your work! I just finished the One and One series and wanted to know if their will be more books (specifically for Lex).

    • Hi, A, and thanks for asking! 🙂

      I do plan on there being more One & One books, and Lex will definitely have his own, as well as his happy ending. (I already know who his partner will be, too! Yay!)

      I’m not sure on the timeline, as far as when I’ll have the time to write the story, but I promise I’ll post something here about it when it becomes more than just a plan.

      Thanks again for commenting! Always appreciated! 😀


  4. Apologies if I missed an update somewhere, just wondering if a conclusion to The Irregular Regular is coming soon-ish? I got hooked and am anxious to see how it plays out.

    • Thanks so much for asking!

      I’ve been woefully negligent with that story of late (see recent blog post for the why :P), but I DO intend to write another chapter on the 25th, when I’m back on the Torquere Social LJ. Whether it turns out to be the FINAL chapter or not is an entirely different question. Heh. I expect it to be, but I can never be sure ahead of time. LOL)

      So, no… you didn’t miss an update and there’s no need to apologize. If anything, *I* should apologize for not having updated the story!

      I expect I’ll have the next (maybe last) part of the story posted in the free reads section by the 27th, though it will be on the aforementioned TQ Social LJ on the 25th. 🙂

      Thanks again for your interest!


    • You know, you CAN still call me Tis. *grins* Even if I’m never on IM these days!

      I might need to start being about more often, though. I kinda miss talking and stuff.

      ~Tis *sends hugs*

  5. Just finished Berry Blue, which I enjoyed, but I really, really want to hear Dex’s story. Any chance you will let us know what happened to him – during the 20 years away from Peter and what happened after he left Peter?

    • I don’t currently have plans to write Lex’s story any time soon, though knowing me, I’m sure it’ll happen eventually. Heh-heh.

      When it does, it will likely deal with Lex’s life after his departure in Berry Blue, rather than focus on the in-between years. Lex is even now whispering in the back of my mind, but luckily he’s behaving and not pushing to the front of the line like some other (rude) characters in my head. 😛

      Thanks for asking!


  6. Hi Just finished Concord Grape and it was GREAT! So sad to see the series end! Maybe one day it’ll start whispering in your ear again… one can only hope! LOL! I was wondering if I missed it in the book but did you ever say why Brendan and Tim stopped talking… seemed like a big thing and I wasn’t sure if I just missed it. Thanks again for a really great series! I had a blast reading it! Riley is my all time fav in the series! I’d love to see more of him and his uncontrolable mouth! LOL HINT HINT LOL

    • Well, I have a sneaking suspicion that there will eventually be a book for Dex, and we haven’t heard the last from Brendan yet, either (though I’m fairly sure he’s not gay LOL). So chances are that at some point I’ll be revisiting Hartford and the gang. Haha! Just not sure about when, considering the other projects I’ve got in the works.

      Riley will, of course, be making his appearances. He’s rather hard to contain. Haha!

      Very happy that you enjoyed the Twinkies-three and their story! Thanks for letting me know! 😀


    • At some point, I expect there will be a Sky/Zeke story. I don’t know when just yet, as I have about a bazillionty projects in various stages right now. (Okay, it only feels like a bazillionty. It’s really more like six. Haha!)

      There is a fourth FGC book coming out later this year, but it’s not their story. Maybe in 2013?

      Thanks for asking! 😀


    • Yes, there is another One & One book, and it’s scheduled to be released sometime in September! (I haven’t updated my wordpress in far too long! *blushes*)

      The new book, “The One That Gave”, IS Lex’s story. It doesn’t, however, involve Joss. Heh-heh. Joss is slated for an entirely different pretty. 😛

      Thanks for asking and I hope you’ll enjoy the new book when it comes out! 🙂


  7. That is awesome! I can’t wait. I really liked Lex for some reason, I think it was from when he asked Elliot how it felt to be loved. Even though he’s not really described as anything other than ‘pretty’ when he is mentioned, I’m hooked. I want to see him happy so bad! I’m excited to see who will be the other half of his soul, I just hope they are good enough for him.

    Keep up the good work, I really appreciate all of your efforts and I love your stories.

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