The One and One Series


Listed in reverse order:

Book Five of the “One and One” series:

The One That Gave

The blurb:
Unofficially questioning someone who might have information associated with a legal case isn’t the best way to meet a potential date. In fact, it’s not the way Troy Bernay ever expected to, but male nurse Lex Harrington is… interesting. Too much so when Lex’s involvement with the aftermath of an accident caused by the son of one of Troy’s clients might create a conflict of interest.

Lex hasn’t had the best of luck with men. In fact, he’s had such bad luck that he’s given up on finding someone to spend more than a week or two with. His work hours are just too ‘inconvenient’ for most guys. That doesn’t stop him from wishing, of course, and Troy Bernay seems just about perfect for a fun, no-drama good time. Except for a pesky police investigation into the most recent multiple vehicle accident, of course, and needing to stay away from lawyers, cops, and the media if he wants to keep his job.

Running into each other unexpectedly at a party has both Troy and Lex wondering whether there’s a way to have their cake and eat it, too, but even in the best case scenario, something’s got to give.

Book Four of the “One and One series:

The One That Broke Free

The blurb: The last thing war vet Travis MacRayne expects to find while house-sitting in Boston is a man like Vincent Clark. Even more unexpected is that Vincent seems to be attracted to Travis, too — scars, bad leg, and all. But Travis has to go back to Alabama the next day, and a cell phone just doesn’t seem like enough to bridge the distance.

It’s the first of many obstacles that Vincent teaches Travis to overcome, and Travis wants nothing more desperately than to believe in the love he feels building inside. Still, the doubts instilled by harsh experience are difficult to put aside. Can Vincent convince Travis that the time is truly right to break free?

Book Three of the “One and One” series:

The One That Stayed

The blurb: Life can throw a man all sorts of curve balls, as David discovers when a senseless act of violence tries to deprive him of his lover of two decades. They’ve had their good and bad times, but it’s the good ones that David remembers and wants to hold on to. In fact, he wants more of them, wants to experience more than just the memories that fill his mind as he waits to discover Russell’s fate.

Between meeting Russell for the first time and the horrific instant that tries to take Russell away, their lives have been a series of moments, ranging from awkward to amazing. David wants to believe that their love will conquer all, because he can’t let go. But does Russell feel it, too? Can Russell hold on as tightly, through the surgery that will either save his life or end it? Does Russell love David enough to stay?

Book Two of the “One and One” series:

The One That Was Lost

The blurb:

Elliot is a player until a traumatic evening sends him running a friend’s errand to Boston, where he meets up with Jamie. Jamie’s a former short-term lover, and the two get along well enough, but Elliot doesn’t want a relationship. Jamie and Elliot end up being friends who are very attracted to each other, separated by distance.

Jamie likes Elliot and thinks they could have some fun together, right up until he realizes he wants something more, but Jamie tells himself it will never work. After they spend a night making love, the intensity of which scares Elliot enough to run away, Jamie tries to put Elliot behind him. When Elliot realizes what he’s given up, he goes looking to get Jamie back, but will Jamie make it easy on him?

Book One of the “One and One” series:

The One That Got Away

Michael’s been hating life since his lover Alex dumped him on what should have been a very important night for them. Even his best friend Jim is having trouble bringing Michael out of his slump. Until Jim does, with a temporary solution to Michael’s loneliness that’s as unexpected as it is welcome, at first.

The last thing Jim expects when he tries to cheer Michael up is to fall in love with the guy. They’re just comforting each other; being very friends with benefits, right? So why is Jim so damned hurt when Mike takes off without as much as a goodbye? What is it about Michael that has Jim feeling lost without him? And is there any chance that Mike feels it too, or will Jim forever think of Michael as the one that got away?


24 thoughts on “The One and One Series

  1. Hi…again,

    loved this series !!! I must say that are some things that made me think at Qeer as Folk (the US one..QAF) …as “Mike’s lesbians” or the slow dance in the club when everybody else jumps around – but for me that’s a plus, you know, because I loved that series up to the point that I didn’t loved it anymore and that just because I’m a hopeless romantic and I would have loved a HEA for Justin and Brian. So, sorry for digressing … I’m thrilled that Mike and Jim have their own happily ever after – I think that they are great together.
    Please, keep writing! :))

    • *grins* Thanks, Mioara! I’m glad youve liked this series thus far.

      The next two books are currently with the publisher, awaiting editing. I hope they’ll both be out sometime during the first half of 2010.

      Yes, more One and One. *chuckles*

      I’d tell you what they’re about, but that would ruin the surprise. 😛

      Thanks again!


  2. Uau …. two already !!! That’s just great! I can’t wait…could you please tell at least a release date(if you have one, of course).
    Because I was kind of sad when I finished The one that was lost… All I hope ist that we can see a little more of Jamie and Elliot. And if not … well I’m sure that if I loved this two couples I’ll love the others too.
    Thanx for the answer.

    • I don’t have a clue about release dates, to be honest. I’m HOPING for sometime early in 2010, but I haven’t been given any indication as yet.

      I will say that Jamie and Elliot do appear in book 3… and have a small part in book 4, as well. *hee*

      I’ll definitely be posting on the blog section here when I have dates and such.

      Thanks again!


  3. I loved these books. A departure from my normal reading (thrillers, straight romance, crime etc), I loved the feel good factor, the characters and the writing. I really felt like I was part of the story, which for me is a good book. Thank you for writing something that gave me a good few hrs enjoyment and escapism. Great stuff and please keep writing. Sarah x

    • Very happy that you enjoyed the first two books of the series, Sarah! 🙂

      I’m not sure oyu’ll be interested, but the third of the series comes out in late February and there is a fourth, as well, though I don’t have a release date, as yet.

      Thank you so much for reading my little stories, and for taking the time to comment here. Much appreciated! 😀


  4. I just finished The One That Stayed…and I have to tell you I freaking LOVED it! It was amazing, poignant, wonderful and about 47 other words that I can’t come up with right now (which is why YOU are the writer and I am the reader I guess lol!) I enjoyed the first two books in the series too, but this one enthralled me like no other book I have read. It is truly one of my favorites EVER. I read mostly m/m, and have nearly a thousand books in my collection, and let me say that The One That Stayed will be in heavy re-read rotation. Thank you for giving us their story it is one I will not soon forget.

    • Thank you, Elaine. 🙂 I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed David and Russell’s story. I was a little worried that it might be too angsty. It’s good to know that it wasn’t… for you, anyway. LOL

      These two men have been near and dear to my heart from their first appearance in “The One That Got Away” and I’m thrilled to finally have been able to share their story with you. *hee*

      Thanks again!


  5. I LOVED this series! Every story grabbed me and didn’t let go until the end.

    Will there be a story for Lex, the pretty nurse?

    • So happy to hear that you’ve enjoyed the One & One series so far. *grins*

      As for Lex… he does seem to want his own story, doesn’t he? Not that I blame him, the poor guy. *chuckles*

      The One & One series is on break at the moment while I work on several other projects, but I have a strong feeling that there will be at least two more stories in the series at some point. No promises about when, though.

      Thanks for asking! 🙂


  6. Had to say I am loving your books. Ive read the Life and Fruit Basket series so far and have started the One and One series. Just started The One that was Lost and even though i am enjoying it as well, there is something Im not getting ‘into’ with this book. I think its because I took such a strong dislike to Elliot in the 1st of the series and cant get over it for his and Jamie’s story. Is that strange? I need to learn how not to hold a grudge I think lol.

    Love your work..

    • *chuckles* No, not strange. People react differently to characters, after all.

      The thing with Elliot is that in ‘The One That Got Away’ we only see him through Jim’s and Michael’s eyes, and Jim sees him as annoying while Michael… sort of hates him. LOL So it makes sense that those perceptions might color your own, going in.

      I hope you warmed to him after a bit, and I’m very happy you like the Life books as well as the Fruit basket stories! 🙂


      (P.S. ~ Sorry it took so long to reply. Somehow your comment got shunted into the ‘pending’ folder here and I never got a notification that it even existed. This is my fault because I really should check more often. Usually, WP sends me a notice that there are comment waiting for approval. never knew a comment could be sent to ‘pending’ instead, so… my bad, and my sincere apologies! ~T)

  7. Am re-reading “The One That Stayed” (because, really, what I need on the day after we had to put the dog to sleep is a sob-fest, right?) and anyway… am slightly confused, b/c according to this book, Jamie & Elliot have been together about 2 years, dating roughly back to the day that David & Russell “officially” got married, which at one point is mentioned (or thought, by David, I think — I should have bookmarked it) as being their 15th anniversary. BUT he says that they’ve been together 22 years. Which would put Elliot & Jamie at roughly 7 years. So, um… ?? O.o

    Also — one more vote in the OMG-hope-Lex-gets-a-story column. And also, what’s up with Joss? He/she? which way does s/he swing? C’mon, I’m nosy! 🙂

    • So sorry to hear about your dog. 😦 And my apologies for the angst. (Not really, about the angst, cuz if you’re re-reading, you knew what you were in for, right? Still, sometimes angst in fiction is good after RL sorrow. Hope that’s the case here.)

      Joss will eventually have a book devoted, in part, to answering the questions you’ve asked. *grins* Not saying when because (as usual) I need to finish some other things before I can start writing that story, but I hope it’ll happen sometime in the next few months. Ditto for Lex, though not the same story. LOL

      As for the series timeline with regards to TOTS, Russell and David were together for a long while before their first wedding (the non-legal one). Then their legal ceremony was on the 15th anniversary of that first ceremony. So, David and Russell have been together 22 years. Elliot and Jamie have been together about 2 years, and David and Russ have been “officially” married for that same 2 years or so.

      Hope that clears it up, and again, so sorry about your four-legged family member. 😦


      • Thanks; yeah, that makes sense.

        Sometimes, a sob-fest of a book helps a lot when you’re stressed and just really need help to cry it all out. It was sad, but we made the best choice we could, given the situation. He had a tumor on his heart, and the only other option would have given him a little more time, but with open-chest surgery and just… No. But he was part of our lives for longer than our kids, even (well, the younger ones; the oldest was 2 when we got the dog).

        Anyway, starting to almost feel normal again, so I’m almost starting to look forward to new books.


        (BTW, any hope for poor Troy maybe finding his way into one of those new books, I hope? He was so nice about things NOT working out with Travis, that I kind of feel bad for him!)

  8. One thing I don’t get about WP is why it won’t let me respond more than once. I mean…

    Someone comments. I reply. They reply to MY reply… and I can’t say anything back.

    WTF, wordpress? WTF?


  9. It’s your settings. Look under Settings>Discussion>Other comment settings. Look for the tick box “Enable threaded (nested) comments 3 levels deep.” That’s the default but you can increase that up to 10. 😀

    • Oooooo… see? This is why I love people. Cuz I’m completely tech-unsavvy, but someone somewhere always knows the answer! 😀

      Thank you SO much, J.R.! *bounces happily*


  10. Hi I just finished your series and LOVED it!! I have to say that Russ and David was amazing! I had to laugh at myself because I wanted to go to the hospital and yell at the nurse and file a complaint….. and then hellllo remembered it was a story and not really real. LMAO. kinda got caught up in the story there. LOL. I am so happy to see that we get to find out more about Joss, did wonder. Really happy to know you plan to write about Lex. I really hope that Troy also gets his story. I know this is going to sound weird (maybe) but I hope we see more of Randy. I felt bad for him at the end. It’s amazing what abusive parents can do to their children. He was such a kid when whatever it was that his evil dad did to him. Thanks for such a great series. Looking forward to more great stories.

    ps fruit serise GREAT also!!!

    • Wow, so great to hear that you liked the series (so far!)

      I’ve actually just started work on another One and One book. No idea about when it’ll be finished, but it’s going well, thus far. I’m not saying who the main characters are, but they definitely won’t be strangers. LOL I expect there to be at least one more book in this series after the one I’m currently writing. 🙂

      The Fruit Basket is finally finished. With the one that came out the other day (Berry Blue: KLessons Learned’) and the final book, which should be released sometime in April or May, I think that series is done.

      Thanks so much for commenting here! I know everyone says it, but I really DO love to hear from those who’ve read my stuff! 😀

      Thanks again, and I hope you’ll like the coming stories!


  11. Hey there, My first book of yours was The One Thank Broke Free and I’m currently reading Gave aka Book 5. D you have any plans to do a book on Det. Boston? Thanks.

    • Thanks for asking! 🙂
      Honestly, I’m taking a break of sorts from this series, though I do have plans to eventually write a couple more books in it. 🙂
      As for Detective boston of the Boston PD (seriously, that just makes me giggle), I can’t make any promises. He seems to be rather pleased with his & Reginald’s relationship at the moment. Which in no way precludes any possible future drama! Hahaha!


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