The Conventions series


Unconventional (Conventions #3)

The blurb:

When Trent agrees to move to Los Angeles with Lucas, he knows things aren’t going to be easy. Between a lawsuit, Lucas’ closeted status, difficulty finding work, and a few other things, ‘not easy’ turns out to be an understatement.

Lucas can’t regret bringing his lover to L.A., but he also can’t live openly with Trent the way he wants to. When an unexpected film role makes Lucas even more high-profile than he already was and an unknown enemy steps in to complicate things even further, Lucas has some hard choices to make. Trent’s happiness, and Lucas’, depend upon making the right ones.

Check it out! Unconventional’s been Joyfully Rec’d!

Conventional Education (Conventions #2)

The blurb:

When good friends and sometime-lovers-of-convenience meet again at a convention, sparks fly, but between Trent’s new job working for Neverwhere Games and Lucas’ co-star shocking the world, things get complicated.

Months later, during another convention, Trent and Lucas are faced with betrayal and manipulation from an unexpected source. Can they find a way to make things work or will their whole relationship suffer from an unexpected Conventional Education?

Conventional Wisdom (Conventions #1)

When B-list syndicated TV star Lucas runs into Gaming-goth-geek Trent in the hotel bar the night before the convention starts, he isn’t expecting to become attached. And since Trent is obviously out of touch with television, Lucas figures he’s safe using his ‘con name’, Bill Speare. When Trent– Mainstream Video clerk and goth with big dreams–meets a stellar hottie who seems to be into him, he goes with it, happy to be free of his recent dry spell.

But one night turns into so much more, and when he finds out that his very temporary lover has been lying to him about something as unimportant yet vital as his name, he gets… miffed. Thanks to a new acquaintance, Cindy Lou, Trent works through his anger in a drunken evening, and when he finally goes to see Bill –Lucas– he’s figured it all out.

So has Lucas, and the two men do what comes naturally to them, but can they come to an explosive and enjoyable conclusion?

Conventional Wisdom has been named a Recommended Read by the lovely Lisa at Joyfully Reviewed!

How cool is that?


15 thoughts on “The Conventions series

  1. Hi TC, I have a question for you. I just finished Unconventional (enjoyed it, of course) and I’m confused about something. Do you have another book somewhere about Rory and Matthew? Because I feel like I’m missing something there. I’ve looked all over the blurbs for your other books, and none seem to be about them. Are you planning a book? They’re so mysterious and intriguing! I feel like I need to know more about them!



    • Hi, Alaina, and thanks for stopping by!

      There is, indeed, a story revolving around Matthew and Rory. Unfortunately, it’s not finished, though I’m hoping it will be, one of these days. *chuckles* Until then, they’ll have to remain the sort of creepy but good-hearted secondary characters they are.

      I’m not one to be spoilery, so I’ll just say… they’re not entirely normal. LOL

      Thanks again for asking! 🙂


  2. Hi TC-
    I just finished the series and I really loved it. I had the same question as Alaina about Matthew and Rory. Since you answered that they will have a book, I’m wondering if you know when it will be finished? And I’m totally ok witrh you being spoilery and giving us a hint as to why they are ‘not entirely normal’ 😉

    • Heh-heh. Matthew and Rory’s story. Well, it’s a work in progress and I don’t actually know when I’ll finish it, though I think it might be sometime between now and next summer. That’s finish, not release. It’s been a very difficult one for me. In fact, if this tells you anything… I started writing Matthew & Rory’s story before I started writing the first Conventions story.

      I’m not going to say anything more about it right now because the minute I say something, chances are I’ll go change things. LOL But they’re definitely not normal, even if they manage to fake it passably. Smart guys that they are, they actually manage to blend in in Hollywood. *hee*

      I’ll post an update on them when I get closer to finish it. Promise. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for asking, nix!


  3. I’ve also been wondering about Matthew & Rory’s story (*fingers crossed* that it comes together sooner rather than later) but must confess that after a recent re-read, I’m kinda rooting for a story about Andrew Lyon. And I have to wonder a little about best-friend-and-manager Jason (but that could just be the result of reading Too Much M/M. If there is such a thing…).

    • *laughs* Andrew is a charmer, that’s for sure. *hee*

      The Matthew & Rory story has been backburnered for now, mostly because I’m trying to wrap up a few other things. Rest assured, however, that it’s definitely not forgotten.

      I know I said this once before (last October!) but I’m hoping to finish the book by next summer. *hides*

      As for Andrew, he might very well get his own story, but I have no idea about when. He’s absolutely lurking in the back of my mind, though! 🙂

      Thanks for asking, Tracy! (And btw, Jason wants to me to assure you that he’s definitely straight. I’m pretty sure he means it. :P)


    • LOL, Tracy! I swear I’m going to finish that story one of these days!

      First I need to finish the paranormalish book I’m writing with Kiernan Kelly… and of course the Andrew Lyon story. Hahaha! Oh, and finish edits for my story in the Butt Pirates anthology. Hahaha!

      Still, there really WILL be a Matthew/Rory book in which all (or almost all) is revealed! 😛

      You know what they say — patience is a virtue. So are you virtuous? *hee*


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