New Info, Long Overdue

So it’s been a very long while since I’ve updated, and during that time, many things have changed — not the least of which is that most of the buy links here are no longer active.

If you’ve been following the drama in the gay romance publishing world, you probably know why.

At the moment, the only links here that work are for my spy series (the Farmingdale Gentlemen’s Club)and my Christmas story The Second Door.

I am slowly re-releasing my backlist through Evil Plot Bunny, and currently have two books — Matchmen, Ltd & Black of Night — available there. Keep an eye on this page: Future new releases and re-releases will appear there as they become available.

I’m so very sorry it’s been so long since an update. I’m going to TRY to have this site updated fully within the next week or so, but for right now, most of the links don’t work. Sorry!