Technophobe on board! (Or so it seems.)

It was recently pointed out to me — very kindly, might I add — that I am a slackery slacker who is more than a little bit afraid of the internet. Or not afraid OF it, precisely, but afraid of breaking it. (In other words, Tracy reminded me that I haven’t updated this site in over a year. *blushes* Refer to the ‘slackery slacker’ comment above. thanks.)


In the time since my last post here, I’ve had five books release (though one was an anthology with several other authors so I’m not sure it counts). If any of you have been waiting to hear that something new was out and were relying on my mad ‘puter skills, let me just say “Ooops,” and “Sorry!” In any case, things are updated now, and I can’t SWEAR that it’ll help, but I’ve programmed my phone to remind me every month. Assuming I actually did that right, of course, because who knows?


So for those who may not know which books came out since my last visit here at ye olde word press, they are “Butt Pirates In Space” (anthology), “A Game of Schemes” (FGC #4, from TEB), “Concord Grape: Unexpected” (Fruit Basket #6, from Torquere), “The One That Gave (One & One series #5, Torquere), and the first book of my brand new series (The Lala-Land Chronicles), titled “Elided Cadence,” which is also available from… you guessed it! Torquere! Hahaha!


As for what I’m currently working on, there’s the fifth FGC novel, a ninja story for another anthology, the second book in the new series, a quasi sci-fi-ish thing (been working on this one forever, though, so no idea when or even if it’ll be finished), and an alternate universe/urban fantasy-ish type thing. Also the story of how Rory and Matthew (from the Conventions series) met and what their deal is, anyway. No promises on when that one will be done. It’s been back-burnered for a while but I do occasionally work on it.*grins*


My non-writing life remains much the same, though my health is generally improved from the last time I posted here. I’m still on blood meds, but I can live with that. I mean, it’s one pill, once a day, so… no big. 😀


Mom’s gotten much more crazy, but that’s one of the hazards of aging. She’s still going strong (or as strong as someone mumblety-mumble years old can).


I’ve given up my dream to be the next famous pop star, mostly because someone made me listen to a recording of my singing voice. I suppose I could put out a record for dogs. Attack dogs. To get them riled up. (I’m kidding. Dogs don’t buy records.)


Oh, I did go to Olde City, New Blood back in February, down in Florida. It was a lot of fun. 🙂 I also attended OutlantaCon in May and Dragon*Con this past Labor Day weekend.


At Dragon*Con, I sat on several writing panels, along with the always lovely Kiernan Kelly and the equally fabulous Kage Alan. This is something I’ve done before, so it was more or less old hat, you know? Right up until Saturday night and the LGBT in SF/F panel (that’s science fiction/fantasy, in case you didn’t know, though you probably did. *grins*).


Now, Kiernan will back me up on this, so I’m totally not bullshitting you guys. I swear!


Guess who else was on the panel with us. No, really. Guess.


*whistles quietly and counts to ten*


Give up? Well, if you guessed MERCEDES LACKEY, who is one of the very, very few people I get squee-ish over, you’d be right! Seriously! I was on a panel with MERCEDES LACKEY!!! I mean, I grew up on her books. I’ve admired the fuck out of her ability to tell a good story. I’ve probably read every single thing she’s ever written… and I WAS ON A PANEL WITH HER???


Yeah, I’m pretty sure nothing will ever top that. EVER.


Okay, so THAT’S it. It’s been a busy year so far and I’ve finally updated this word press. I really am going to try to be better about that. Everyone join me in thanking Tracy for reminding me gently that I need to be less scared of breaking the internet. *grins*


Until next time, all, peace out! 😀



So that’s pretty much the story for now.


7 thoughts on “Technophobe on board! (Or so it seems.)

  1. Now I’m not sure whether I should blush and wave, or hide in a corner! But, yeah, it’s actually not all THAT easy to break the internet, unless you’re, like, Wil Wheaton or Neil Gaiman, or something…

    Also, Mercedes Lackey, Holy SHIT. I have a shelf that is almost completely dedicated to her in my living room; I keep urging the Girl-child to pick up Arrows of the Queen, or the Vanyel trilogy… maybe one day. Or maybe I should just start working on one of the boys, although they may be a *bit* youngish just yet for that…

    • I know, right? On the outside, I was all “Hi, I’m Tis. Nice to meet you.” On the inside, it was more like “OMG, OMG, that’s Mercedes Lackey! I’m on a panel with Mercedes Lackey? She’s so awesome, I wish I could write like her, and she’s so normal and cool, and I’m on a motherfucking PANEL with MERCEDES LACKEY, and I can now die happy!” LOL

      Oh, the fan-girling going on in my head!

      The Talia books would probably be okay for the boys, though I’m not sure how well they’d identify with a female protagonist. Then again, she was a teen at the beginning… *ponders*

      As for the internet… if anyone’s gonna break it, it’ll be me. Cuz that’s just how I roll. 😛

      (For the record, I’m glad you reminded me of my slackerness. Otherwise, it could have been ANOTHER year before I remembered I even have a site. *blushes*)

      • I’m actually not that worried about how the boys would respond to a girl protagonist — I mean, girls are, after all, expected daily to accept a male protag, frequently without even a token Major Secondary Character who’s female. My honestly biggest issue with starting them on Talia is that my copy is an SF/F book club omnibus edition of all three novels, and it’s starting to fall apart… if they kill it, I’ll have to buy new copies & the old one falls open at ALL my favorite spots… 😀

        I think I’m gonna be having all kinds of internal fangirliness going on at GRL. Maybe not quite on the level of “OMG MISTY!!!” but, yeah…

  2. Oh, of all things holy and Blu-Ray…I don’t think I’ve ever seen you go all fan girl before. Mercedes was really quite wonderful. In fact, it’s like she went out of her way to let everybody know she was just like them. It also helped she had a sense of humor. Any woman who can go back and forth about Uranus, my anus etc. is darn cool in my book. lol

    But yes, you are a total slacker who insists she never has anything to say, yet almost never takes a breath once your motors start going and your jaws start flapping. It’s exactly the way I love you! And exactly the reason the hubby says I’m not allowed to give you the new home phone number. 😛

    Btw, I’m waiting to hear back from Palm Springs. Or rather, you may be waiting to hear back from the store in Palm Springs for November. I sent him your info.

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