Updates, I guess. :P

For those who’ve been waiting, the sixth and final chapter of ‘The Irregular Regular’ is now up in the Free Reads section.

‘Berry Blue: Lessons Learned’ did release on the 25th, so that’s out there now. *whew!*

The next One & One books is coming along well (for the moment, heh-heh), and the anthology story I mentioned is a go. Yay!

In other news, my refrigerator died a quick, messy death (water ALL over the flor, ewwwwww), which has severely screwed with my life.

My Mom’s still doing well, so I’m cool with pretty much everything else life throws at me, though she’s back to her calling me every day to tell me everything she’s done in the twenty-four hours since the last time. At length. With replays. LOL

Life is pretty darn good at the moment. Hope it’s going well for you guys, too! 🙂



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