Lots of Stuff! LOL

Okay, so I last posted during the brief period of time between GRL and Yaoi Con (I had wonderful times at both events, btw!). Then — literally the day after I got back from S.F., I came down with the most miserable case of flu I’ve ever been unlucky enough to experience. I’m still not entirely better, but being at 90% beats the merry heck out of being at 20%, right? Heh-heh.

Loads of writing news, starting with Christmas stories! That’s right, I said STORIES, as in more than one! Two, in fact. 🙂 In the interests of NOT repeating the same stuff over and over, I’ll be adding the pertinent info to the ‘Coming Soon’ page here on ye olde wordpress, along with info on other stories coming in the next few months.

I’ve been working on what will likely be the final story in the Fruit Basket series and I’m happy to say that it’s coming along well. Pauly, Randy and James wouldn’t have it any other way. 😛 I’ve been told it’s already on the schedule for 2012, though I’ll have more info on exactly when later.

Those of you who stopped by the Torquere Social LJ the last time I was on have probably noticed that I completely dropped the ball with the contests and such. This is not because I’m a slacker (well, not JUST because of that) but due to the fact that LJ as a whole was being an a-hole. By the time it wasn’t, the entire thing had slipped my mind. I’ll be over there again on November 24, at which time I will award the prizes for the past contests as well as have other contests. Assuming technology isn’t hating me that day (because I never know ahead of time), I’ll handle things in a MUCH more timely manner.

Let’s see… other stuff… Oh! I’m going to see my BFF in upstate NY for Thanksgiving this year, so that should be fun. Nothing like spending a week in a 3 bedroom house with 2 adults, 3 kids, 2 dogs and 4 cats to provide a restful holiday, right? *hee* (Honestly, the only part that’s a bit of a pain is that there’s only the one bathroom. LOL The rest of it really IS a good time! :D)

Hope all is well with you guys and I hope to hear from you soon!



2 thoughts on “Lots of Stuff! LOL

  1. Thanskgiving is always a good time to see friends. I’m missing mine this year because they’re in Virginia and I’m in Georgia and my DH is having surgery on his foot in a week so we’re not even gonna *try* making the trip. But we’ll have a couple of the single soldiers in his unit over for a real, home-cooked-by-me meal, so that’ll be good. I like Mommying the single soldiers; they’re so much more appreciative than my kids. Hope your holiday is fun, despite bathroom battles!

    • Ah, I always have a great time with Dee and the fam, no matter how I might bitch and moan about the shortage of indoor plumbing.

      Hope the DH’s surgery goes well and leads to a speedy recovery… and sorry you can’t make your holiday visit.

      On the bright side, it’ll feel that much more special when you can do it next, right?


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