Shamed slacker is shamed! :(

Yep. The subject line says it all.

Hi. My name is Tis and I’m a slacker. And ashamed of it. šŸ˜¦

It’s been ages since I last posted anything here (or anywhere else). This is not because I don’t care about those of you who read the bloggery, but because real life has a habit of jumping up and smacking me about the head at random. Sometimes it seems like things only begin to settle down when WHAM! (NOT the UK band from the mid-80’s, btw. :P)

Since the last time I wrote here, Mum’s been in and out of hospital six times, I’ve had three root canals, had three other teeth extracted, acquired four crowns and a bridge (yes, more dental work *rolls eyes*), and had several legal problems that I won’t mention.

This is in no way meant to excuse my long period of silence. I do feel terrible about not writing anything here in so long.

Fortunately, things seem to have calmed down for the moment, so I should have more presence for a (hopefully) good, long while. šŸ™‚

So, that’s my ‘fun’ personal life, laid out in summary. On to writing news!

As some of you may know, the re-edited version of Life or Something Scary Like That was re-released in both electronic formats and in print, back in November of 2010. The sequel, Life Changes Everything was also released, with the same options. Yay! Both seem to have been well received, despite my inability to do much in the way of promotion at the time, so many, many thanks to those who bought the books! *hugs*

The third book in my ‘fruit basket’ series, a colorbox from Torquere Press, called Mandarin Orange: Sweet & Sour will be released on March 23rd. For those who’ve read Lime Green: Margarita Mondays, the new story is about Riley! Woot! (I love Riley! He’s so crass! LOL)

I’ve also just sent the manuscript for the third Farmingdale Gentleman’s Club book to Total-E-Bound and am waiting anxiously to hear from my editor there. I’m hopeful that it will release later this year!

I’ve also submitted a story to another publisher, but I’m not going to say much about that as yet. I think it’s a cute, funny story, but opinions may vary. *grins*

Hard at work on the next ‘fruit basket’ story and a Christmas novella for Torquere (I know, I know… it’s only March. I find it easier to write winter stories when it’s at least nominally still winter *hee*), and I’m writing the fourth FGC book for TEB, too.

So, that’s the writing stuff. Now, a little mini-rant about a book I just read (this was not a M/M book and I’m not naming the story or author… this is more an observation than anything else).

When creating or approving a book cover and blurb, PLEASE indicate SOMEWHERE that the story is Historical, okay? Do NOT give me the impression that it’s a contemporary when the entire thing takes place during the Civil War! Some sort of sign would have been nice BEFORE I started reading it! Now I’m left wondering whether I even want to read the author again because I apparently can’t trust their covers/blurbs!

Aaaaannnnddddd… rant over! *sheepish grin*

Oh! One other thing about writing and such! I’ll be on the Torquere Social Live Journal on the 23rd, so stop by if you’re able. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing yet, but I know there will be excerpts and at least one contest. I might even do a call for prompt-words and add a chapter to one of the free reads, here on ye olde wordpress! Yay!

And that, my peeps — sweet sugar-coated marshy-chicks that you are — is what’s been going on in Tis-ville.

Hope you’re all well and having good times! šŸ˜€



6 thoughts on “Shamed slacker is shamed! :(

  1. I’m so sorry about all the dental work and the maternal hospital visits. I just had my wisdom teeth out and I thought that was bad. Now I know I had it easy.

    Glad to see you out and about on the webs.

    And, btw, that was the most benign rant I’ve ever read before. Hahaha.

    • Two of the three extractions were my upper wisdom teeth. Never fun, so I totally understand your dental-angst. *grins*

      Luckily, Mum’s incarcerations in hospital were brief, but thank you for your sympathies. šŸ™‚

      Had I been willing to lambast a ‘best selling author’ (regardless of how unprofessional and just begging for a smack-down that would have been), my rant would have been far more vociferous. As it is, the last thing I need is someone who actually makes a living at this writing thing getting pissed off at me. LOL

      Very happy that you took the time to not only read but comment, and I hope you’ll do so again in future. (Sometimes it feels like I’m just talking to myself, out here on the intarwebz. :P)

      Thanks again,


  2. Looking forward to Riley’s Story. šŸ˜€

    And there are plenty of bestselling authors I’d love to smack with a cluebat over various things, so you’re not alone there. Maybe we could start a club or something. [grin]


    • Heh-heh. We could call it the WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??? club. šŸ˜›

      Riley’s story has been delayed a week. This makes me sad. But it’s only a week (the 30th instead of tomorrow), so this makes me happy.

      I’m such a contradiction. *sigh-smiles*


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