Update, of sorts…

Well, I’d love to say that my life has been really exciting of late, but the truth is… not that. LOL

I’m about to go into second-round edits on a book coming out in a few months, so that’s sure to be a blast. *rolls eyes* Still waiting to find out the schedule for ‘A Game of Skills’ (book 2 of the Farmingdale Gentleman’s Club, which I’ve been told will be out in mid-August, as I may have mentioned a time or twelve *blushes*).

Can someone please tell me why it is that every time I propose a story and sign a contract before writing it, I have so much trouble with being focused? I mean, it should be the same as writing a story without a contract, shouldn’t it? Or so one would think. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be the case for me. LOL Still, I WILL finish Mandarin Orange before my deadline… even if I have to start the story seven times (!) like I did with Lime Green. *chuckles* Maybe I just like the feeling of down-to-the-wire PRESSURE. Heh-heh.

In other new, the next few months are travel-intensive for me, and this is a good thing. I think rambling around will prove to be refreshing. Mentally, anyway.

Later this month I have a con in Silver Spring, MD, which I’m quite excited about. Then I’m in Upstate NY for July 4th weekend, with my BFF, her kids (and one kid’s GF) and BFF’s Mum. We’re going to the NY Renaissance Faire, which is a good 5 hours from where they live, but we’re making a whole weekend of it. Should be fun. *grins*

Mid-August, I’m taking my own Mum to the Jersey Shore to see my brother’s kids (and my brother, of course). It’s Mum’s birthday, so that’ll be nice for her.

Then I’m at Dragon*Con (in Atlanta) for the first week of September, where I shall drink far too much, ramble on about inconsequential things that seem incredibly important in my drunken state, talk about my books, and likely spend the entire 8 days hung over, after the first night. *hee* Welcome to the degree of immaturity that is Tis.

Somewhere in there will be the writing of the story I mentioned, edits on various novels and novellas, and probably a whole lot of flailing.

So that’s all the news about me that’s fit to print. God, I lead a boring life, don’t I? LOL

Laters, all. Be good. And if you can’t be good, be memorable. *hee*



4 thoughts on “Update, of sorts…

  1. Well, let’s put it this way – your life is much more exciting than mine! 🙂

    Hmm. I think some people are motivated by deadlines, motivated to be done long before those deadlines. And some aren’t – some are more like Charlie Brown:

    I work best under pressure,
    And there’ll be lots of pressure
    If I wait till tomorrow
    I should start writing now.
    But I if I start writing now
    When I’m not really rested
    It could upset my thinking
    Which is
    No good at all.

    • I don’t know that I’d call it exciting, as such, but for your sake, I hope my life is more stressful. Otherwise, you’re in a heap-load of trouble, missy. 😛

      Wise kid, that Charlie Brown. *hee*

      Honestly, I think it’s that I get bogged down by what COULD happen in a story and when I have an actual deadline that seems far away, I’m more prone to changing my mind about how I think things should go. You’d think I’d be the reverse, right? I mean, going off on new tangents when I DON’T have a deadline, but no. Stories that aren’t expected by anyone anythime soon seem to just write themselves.

      I’m weird like that. Heh. And in so many, many OTHER ways. *snerk*


    • *snorts* Yes. I’m so very subtle with the weirdness. I almost look normal. *sniggers*

      Fortunately, I seem to put out vibes that draw other weirds to me (and yes… I think you may very well be one of them *hee*). Which is a good thing, otherwise, I’d be living on the Island of Weird all by myself. *heeheehee*


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