Sunday, Sunday…

Went to a performance by the a capella group from the (much larger) Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, DC, with Mum today. Great job, as usual. I love these guys. So does my Mum, which makes it a very unusual thing. LOL

The latest One & One book comes out Wednesday from Torquere Books. I’ll post the cover, blurb and link and whatnot on Wednesday.

STILL trying to finish the Lime Green color box, though I’m close. I’d better be. It’s due to the publisher’s by May 1st. LOL

Me being me, of COURSE I have a rabid plot bunny hippity-hopping around in my head. And it’s planning to breed. I can just tell. *sighs* New series, just stay away until I finish one. Please? *bats eyes prettily*

Oh, I posted links to new (to me) reviews for “A Game of Chances” (Farmingdale Gentleman’s Club #1) and “The One That Stayed” (One & One series #3) on the appropriate review pages recently, in case anyone’s interested. 🙂

And that’s about all the excitement I have to share.

Man, my life is boring. LOL



2 thoughts on “Sunday, Sunday…

    • *blink blink* I thought I did.

      Sowwy… *pouts* I really thought I did.

      But you found it anyway, didn’t you? *hee*

      Love you too, hon’. *hugs*


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