Wee update regarding “Life”

Well, it’s official. When the sequel to Life or Something Scary Like That becomes available in November of this year…

Life Changes Everything AND Life or Something Scary Like That WILL BOTH ALSO BE AVAILABLE IN PRINT!!!

I’m really quite excited about this, as well as the fact that there may very well be brand new cover art for the first “Life” book (thank God because I’m totally not a fan of the guys on the original cover… mostly cuz I’ve seen them on dozens of other books. LOL).

Yes, I know many people prefer ebooks (I tend to, myself), but there’s still something about holding a physical book and seeing my name on it that has me giggling like an enormous idiot. LOL

That’s all for now. Just wanted to share the news. 😀



6 thoughts on “Wee update regarding “Life”

    • Thanks, hon’. 🙂

      Been having a rough time of it at the mo’. Taxes. BLEH!!! But hope to be around and chatty soon. *nod nod*

      Laters, doll! 😀


  1. It is difficult to get rid of the idea that paper make it a real book, isn’t it? Congratulations on both of them coming out in print. And hope you do get a second chance at the cover.

    • Thanks. *hee* And it’s not so much real versus not real, it’s more… having that weight in my hands, I think. And being able to show my non-computer-user Mum that yes, I really AM writing. LOL

      Thanks again, hon’! *still giddy*


  2. (vicarious) Squee!!
    Me, I am waiting patiently (if by ‘patient’ you mean butt-wiggling) for the third Conventions. *drool* I’ve re-read the first two so many times (they’re so HOT and sweet – in the best possible way) that I’m glad I have them in e-… otherwise I think I’d have worn the ink off them!

    • Awww, thanks! It’s nice to hear that you’ve enjoyed the first two Conventions books so much. 🙂

      Hopefully book 3 will leave you with warm fuzzies, as well. *hee*


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