April flowers…

… or at least April info. LOL

Everything from my March 19 post remains true, but there’s a bit more in new developments.

First off, to recap (just a bit)… the contract for “A Game of Skills” (Farmingdale Gentleman’s Club book 2) has been signed and filed, so it’s no longer something I’m uncertain about. Still looking at November for release, I believe. 🙂

Book 4 in the One & One series will be coming out April 28th, or so I’ve been told, so I hope fans of that story will enjoy it. This book, “The One That Broke Free,” is the last of the One & One series for now, though there may well be more at some point in the future.

For those who’ve asked, the NEW NEWS is that the third “Conventions” book (this one titled “Unconventional”) should be available sometime in August! It’s longer than the first two stories, which were novella length, and tells the tale of what happens after Trent and Lucas get to Los Angeles. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t disappoint! 😛

Also in NEW NEWS, I’ve been told that the long-awaited sequel to “Life or Something Scary Like That” is scheduled for release sometime in this coming November. For all the fans of Ben from the first book, this is one you’ll definitely want to pick up because “Life Changes Everything” is his story. His and… well, if I told you who, then I’d have to kill you. And me. *hee*

I’m heading over to my ‘coming soonish’ page to update there, but it’s pretty much exactly what I said here, so… *shrugs*

Thanks for stopping by, guys, and I hope to have more to tell you soon! 🙂



4 thoughts on “April flowers…

  1. Good thing you can’t see me right now, cause I am doing the “happy dance of obscene joy and excitement” trust me it ain’t pretty lol! Now, for the countdown to begin….I will be realistic and start one for “The One That Broke Free” NOW, with the option to start another countdown for Unconventional sometime mid-July, cause if I start one before that, well, I may end up in a padded room cause it’s a loooong way away *grins* THEN I will think about counting down for A Game of Skills and Life Changes Everything. My calendar thanks you as do I. YAY! Seriously, Tis I am giddy right now and I have you and your guys to thank:)

    • LOL MY dancing looks rather more like aimless (and frightening) flailing than anything else, so I think I know where you’re coming from. 😛

      Very happy to hear that you’re excited about the releases coming this year. I’m rather chuffed about them, myself. *hee* And I forgot to list the color box coming in October (mostly because I haven’t quite finished writing it yet)!

      I hereby grant you all the dance-priviledges you desire! 😀


    • It only counts as dancing if you bob your head hard enough to acquire a headache. 😛 But seeing as it’s you, a slight, repeated nod will do.

      Cuz I lurve you. *hee*


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