Quickie Update!

Just a quick post to say that the third book in the One & One series, “The One That Stayed”, released today at Torquere and can be found HERE!

This one tells the story of David and Russell, how they met, their lives together, and what happens when someone tries to end all that.

I hope those of you who are interested enough to get the book will find it a good read! *hee* I’m hoping to have more stuff to tell you guys soon.

Oh, and I’m over on the TQ LJ tomorrow, talking about “The One That Stayed”. Stop by if you have a chance. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Quickie Update!

  1. I just left a long-winded post about the book, cause I read it and LOVED IT! Except, I don’t know where I posted the comment….oops! hope you get it:)

    • laughs* I did, indeed, get your comment, and thanks so much for it! You actually left it on the series page, so it wasn’t difficult to locate at all. 🙂

      Thanks again, Elaine!


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