Yes, I know the subject line here makes it seem like I’m INCREDIBLY EXCITED! And I am!

I’ve recently learned that not only will my first TEB release, A Game of Chances be coming out in e-formats on the 22nd of this month, but that it will ALSO be released in PRINT in March!

This will be my first book to come out in print, so I’m all ferklempt about it! *hee*

In other news, I actually finished the manuscript for Unconventional late yesterday (still today for me since I’ve not slept yet, but need to). I’m going to let in marinate for a few days before I go back to do rewrites, but after that it’ll go to TQ for (hopefully) approval. It’s much longer than I’d expected it would be, logging in at around 87,000 words.

If it helps at all, that’s longer than the two Conventional novellas combined. *hee*

On the personal front, I think I’ve almost kicked the plague that hit me back at the start of the month. I feel a lot better, in any case, and I’m determined to keep feeling better, damn it. 😛

So, that’s the news. And yes, I really AM flaily-hands-dancing over the print thing. I’m a huge dork like that. *snerk*



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