Sloooow going…

Well, it’s been slow going on the third and final book in the Conventions series, mostly due to family stuff that I’ll not bore you guys with. Even so, I expect that I’ll have it finished in the next week or so, which is a relief. Of course, then comes the fun part where I get to wait and see whether it’s accepted and when it’ll be out. LOL

The MS for my color box (Lime Green, due out in October) was still giving me problems, even after starting it four times! Of course, then I realized that I had one of the characters with the wrong profession and fixing that made the rest of the story clear, so I think it should be relatively smooth sailing from here on in. *grins* See me grin? It’s cuz I’m happy (and relieved LOL).

I’ve just recently been told that “The One That Stayed” (One & One series, #3) will definitely release on February 27 and I will be hosting the Torquere Book Social Live Journal on Sunday, February 28th. Stop by then for a chance to win a copy. 🙂

Also, to the best of my knowledge, my first book with Total-E-Bound, “A Game of Chances” (the Farmingdale Gentlemen’s Club #1), will release five days earlier, on February 22. I don’t think I posted the actual dates before this.

In other news… I’m working on a prequel of sorts to the whole Conventional series, which doesn’t involve Trent and Lucas. More on that later. 😛

No news yet on when the sequel to “Life or Something Scary Like That” will be out, but I’m hoping it’ll be before summer. Also not sure on a release date for One & One #4, but maybe by fall.

Hmmm… I think that’s it for the writing news, for now. I’m off to catch up with the few shows I watch. Thank God for hulu! LOL



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