Update time again!

Hello, hello, my sugar-coated marshy-chicks (because this still amuses me far more than calling you guys “peeps.” :P)!

So it’s been a busy few days here, what with digging out from under more than a foot of snow, updating the site a bit AND having two new stories come out today!

The stories are both holiday themed and they have their very own section now! Whee! Just click the “holiday stories” tab on the right to read all about them. *grins*

I’ve another installment of “The Irregular Regular” to add in the “Free Reads” section, but I’ll get that added just as soon as I finish this post. Why? Because I’ll be over at the Torquere Social LJ on December 24 (yes, Christmas Eve Day) and will be writing a fourth chapter in the continuing saga of Dan and Bergen then. It likely will NOT have a holiday theme, simply because it isn’t winter yet in their world. But no worries, I’ll be posting Christmas-time excerpts from my two new stories, so that’ll take care of the holiday theme. *hee*

Yesterday was interesting, as it snowed all day. I think it was the first really large amount of snow we’ve had here (just outside Washington, DC) in a few years. Now, granted, it was only a foot and a half or so, but for here, that’s a LOT! I’m fairly sure I wouldn’t actually survive winter any farther north. LOL

I had two new books come out last month, in addition to the holiday stories that came out today. I can’t recall whether I mentioned them before, though I probably did. If so, please skip ahead. πŸ˜›

They’re Matchmen, Ltd., a novel-length book which is made up of three novella-length stories centered in and around the titular business. More info on that can be found in the “stand alones” section of this site… and Conventional Education also released last month, continuing the story of Trent and Lucas and their interactions at various conventions. *hee*

I’m hard at work on the third in the Conventions series and hope to have it ready for submission in the next few weeks. It will be the third and final installment, though it’s not entirely certain that Trent and Lucas might not show up again in a short story at some point, should there be any interest. I’ll leave that question hanging until after I’ve finished writing the third book. LOL

More news… the third book in the One and One series, The One That Stayed, is slated for release through Torquere in February! This is the same month that my first novel for Total-E-Bound comes out, which is kinda cool. *grins* The Total-E-Bound book is called A Game of Chances and is the first of what I HOPE will be a trilogy, but we’ll see. It’s still pretty exciting, though.

I have a bunch of other projects in the works, as well, which I’ll talk about when they’re closer to completion. I’ve been sort of slacking off for the last few weeks, I’m ashamed to say. December is a difficult month for me, what with birthdays, holidays and so on. Still, my shopping is done, so I’ll be getting back to it soon enough.

I wish you all a very happy, safe and warm holiday season, wherever you may be. I hope the New Year brings you everything you need and at least some of the things you want. πŸ™‚

I’ll continue updating the site, of course, and I’m sure to have something or other to say after the first of 2010! Take care, all!




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