Happy Thanksgiving! (late, as usual)

Well, here I am in the wilds of New Jersey for the holiday. With Mum, which explains the lateness. LOL

Had a good dinner, prepared by brother’s GF, but that’s not unexpected. *grins*

The holiday, here in the states, also saw my two newest stories being released. Matchmen, Ltd. became available this past Wednesday (the 25th), while Conventional Education released very early this morning (or late last night, depending on how you want to define it :P).

As I’m not home and I’m posting this via my brand new net book, I don’t have the cover art and such available to post at the oment but I’ll be adding those, as well as buy links, when I’m back at my place with my other ‘puter. *grins*

I’ve got lots of news to share about coming books but I’m going to wait until I’m home for that as well. Mostly cuz this keyboard is so tiny. *blushes* This tiny post has taken 20 minutes because I keep hitting the wrong letters by accident. Heh.

Later, guys, and for those in the USA, I hope you had a great Turkey Day! 🙂



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