Very Overdue Update

When last we met, I had just gotten home from holiday with my best friend and her family. At that time, I promised to post again soon. Well, we can see just how reliable I am about posting here, can’t we? *sighs* Sorry.

So as I said, I went to Dragon*Con, beginning of Septemeber. I had a great time (as always) seeing friends I only get to spend time with the once a year. That’s not to say the time in Atlanta was drama free, because… wow. Just WOW. Still, things ended well enough, I suppose. And yes, that’s me deliberately not airing dirty linens and such. *hee* Aside from drama-trauma, the was much alcohol, a couple parties, and allow me to say that several of the attendees did things they mightn’t have had the booze flowed less freely. *snigger-snort* Of course, once I got home, I was attacked by cold germs or whatever it is that causes colds, and spent the next three weeks utterly miserable and producing more mucus than any one person should over the course of a lifetime, much less three weeks. Heh. Thank God I’m finally feeling better!

Since my last post, I’ve had two new stories come out through Torquere Press, Making It Up (a novel-length book which I think I mentioned before) and Lemon Yellow: Making Lemonade (a novella-length story in the new Color Box line). Despite the fact that both start with the word Making, they’re completely unrelated. LOL

They’re listed on the stand-alone stories page, along with buy links for those who might be so inclined.

Future releases include Conventional Education (the sequl to Conventional Wisdom), which is slated to be available November 11, I believe… and Matchmen, Ltd., a novel-length book that should be available November 25.

The other two stories in the One and One series are still in process and I hope they’ll appear by early 2010, though I’ve not heard anything specific on that.

My biggest, bestest news, I think, is that I’ve had a novel accepted at Total-e-bound! I’m actually very excited about it, to be honest, and I have a tentative release date of late February, 2010 for that. I hope it does well, as it’s the first book of what I expect to be a trilogy (at least)!

In the meantime, Conventional Wisdom has been named a Recommended Read at Joyfully Reviewed, which has me all giddy. You can see my pretty button they sent me if you click on the tab to the right that says “reviews for Conventional Wisdom”! *hee*

What am I working on? (Someone emailed me a few days ago and asked me this, so here goes, just in case anyone else is interested.)

I’m currently writing the third Conventional story, which looks like it’s going to be a novel; a post-apocalyptic science-fictiony book (in first person, yikes!); an urban fantasy story, of sorts; a vampire tale that will possibly be submitted for an anthology, assuming I manage to finish it by the submissions deadline; a completely unconnected vampire and werewolf thing… and the third book of the trilogy I mentioned above. After those, I might just finish a few other works in progress that have been languishing in dubious splendor on my hard drive for well over a year.

Oh, and the sequel to Life or Something Scary Like That, tentatively titled Life Changes Everything, is finished and submitted. I’m hoping it’ll be up to snuff and possibly ready for release by March or April.

Whew! It sounds like a lot when I type it all out, huh? Damn.

Well, at least it keeps me out of trouble! *hee*

Later, guys. I’ll update again when I have something new to say. *grins*

Peace out!



4 thoughts on “Very Overdue Update

    • *grins* Glad you’re interested, Chris!

      I still haven’t heard whether the story’s been accepted, but I’m hopeful that it will be. As such, I still don’t have a prospective release date to offer as anything but wishful thinking. LOL

      I’m very pleased that Ben resonated enough with you to keep you interested, and thanks loads for taking the time to let me know! 🙂


    • Heh-heh… you and me both. 😛

      I’ll definitely be posting here, as well as at my LJ, when I get a firm yay or nay on Ben’s story!


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