Still Alive

Well, more or less. *grins*

After just about two weeks in the wilds of upstate NY and Maine, I’m finally back home and getting caught up on rest and writing and updating this site. About time, huh? LOL

It was a nice holiday I had, just me, my best friend, her Mum, the three kids, one kid’s girlfriend, the dog, two grown cats and the three kittens. *snerk* Yeah, need another few days, just to fully recover!

It was great to get away for a bit, but it’s just as good to be home. The muse doesn’t like playing when we’re away, though ideas? Lord, lord. Let’s just say the plot bunnies, they are a-breeding. *hee*

In BIG news, I’m very pleased and proud to announce that I’ve had a manuscript accepted by Total-e-bound for publication sometime in February of 2010. The book is the first in what I expect to be a trilogy, and with any luck the first will do well enough that they’ll be interested in the other two. I’ll have more to say about the story soon.

Other news… I’m either a writing fool or Torquere’s been backed up a bit, because I’ve got stories coming out like I wouldn’t believe if I didn’t know it was true. *blushes* I think I mentioned my short story “Change of Plans” last month, but since then, there’s another one that’s just come out, called “Destiny Takes a Holiday”, which is the third in the short story “Destiny” series, and a novelette called “Trine” which is something of a departure for me as it’s a quasi-hitorical paranormal with a M/M/M grouping!

I also have a new novel coming out tomorrow, the 26th, and I’m quite excited about that. It’s an angst-filled tale of young love, lost love, heartbreak and betrayal… and the way that sometimes going on with your life leads you back to past mistakes that can possibly be forgiven. It’s called “Making It Up” and I’ll be adding the cover shot, blurb and link here, sometime tomorrow.

There are a few other projects slated for release later this year, but I’ll have more to say about those as the time gets closer. *grins* I don’t want to slap you guys with too much info all at once, right?

In the meantime, I think I’m going to wander off and smear some lotion on my sunburn. Maine has some beautiful beaches, but I’m far too pale to spend as much time on them as I did without paying the price. LOL

I’m off to Dragon*Con on September 3rd. Chances are, I’ll have something to say about that when I get back. LOL

Later, all!



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