First Post…

Well, I’m still figuring out this blogging thing. LOL

News. In TC Blue news, the sequel to my novella “The One That Got Away” is due for release on May 27 and I’m extremely excited about it.

“The One That Was Lost” is longer than the novella (clocks in at a bit over 52,000 words) and tells the story of two of the secondary characters from “The One That Got Away”. It packs less of an angst-punch, but I like to think it’s something that will apeal to those who enjoy a happy ending.

Other news… edits have begun on another novella (unconnected with the stories mentioned above). I don’t have a firm date for release as yet, but it’s called “Conventional Wisdom” and takes place at a Science Fiction Convention! I’ll update more on that as it gets closer to publication.

I’m very excited about this blog and must–absolutely MUST–offer up HUGE thanks to my good friend Meg Leigh for all her time and skill because without her, this blog wouldn’t even exist.

If I were to say that I’m severely technologically-challenged, it wouldn’t come close to being a strong enough statement. Seriously. Now, if you need someone to program a VCR (or DVR), I’m up for it. This web-stuff? Not so much. So HUGE thanks to Meg Leigh!

Oh! I’ll be posting some short M/M fiction on the “free reads” page from time to time. I hope you’ll check them out and let me know what you think.

I suppose that’s it for now… thanks for stopping by!

~TC Blue


4 thoughts on “First Post…

  1. *grins* Thanks, Lily.

    In case you didn’t know, I’ll be pimping the new book over at the TQ LJ on the 27th. More prompt-fics, oh my! 😛

    Gald you enjoyed “The One That Got Away”!

    The site–prettiness and existence–is down to Magz and her web-skills. If I’d tried to do it myself, it’d be the internet equivalent of two soup cans and a bit of string. LOL


  2. Oh, a sequel? How awesome. I was thinking about a sequel when I reviewed The one that got away and was going to mention my wish to read one about Elliot and Jamie, but then I decided against it. Your blog looks good!

    • *chuckles* Well, I considered mentioning but thought that might be too forward, since I was already asking for so much of your time… and I was worried that saying anything about the sequel would imply that I expected even more kind accomodation from you. *blushy face* Which I don’t, btw.

      That said, if you should decide at any point around or after May 27 that you’d care to repeat the emo-experience (though a bit less so in the new book), I would be very pleased to send it along when I finally get my hands on it. LOL

      Be warned, though… there are two more in the series after that. So far. *wry grin* Those secondary characters just won’t leave me alone. 😛

      Thank you about the blog, btw. 🙂 I’ll pass the compliment along!


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